We speak English!

Saturnus Leiden is a handball club in which competition and fun go hand in hand. We are welcoming everyone, nearly everybody speaks English and is happy to translate if necessary.

An indoor and an outdoor season

Handball in the Netherlands is divided in an indoor and an outdoor season. The first part of the outdoor season runs from the end of August until the beginning of October, and is followed by the indoor season that runs from October to March. After the end of the indoor season, the outdoor season continues from April until the end of June.
On senior level (players that are 19 years and older), there is a competitive Women (DS1) team and a competitive Men 1 (HS1) team during the indoor season. Additionally, there are also both women’s teams and men’s teams for recreational play on different levels. During the outdoor season, Saturnus Leiden has a women’s team and a men team’s which play for recreational purpose.
Besides the senior teams, Saturnus Leiden has junior teams in all age group. These teams are usually the same during the indoor and the outdoor season. Having fun while playing handball is the number one priority. That is why we organise several fun and instructive events, such as gaming afternoons, clinics, summer camp and the ‘Leidse Taptoe’ parade.

Third half and club activities

During summer, the senior teams enjoy the third half which includes having drinks and barbecues at the clubhouse next to the outdoor field. The club’s activity committee organises several events throughout the whole year, such as game nights, drinks and a yearly pub quiz. The end of the outdoor season is celebrated with a party and a mixed-gender tournament where also non-handball playing friends and family members are encouraged to join.

Try-out trainings and joining the club

Anyone who is interested, no matter what age or skill level, can join for multiple try-out trainings for free and at any time of the year. The best way to join a training is to contact us first via the contact form here on the website. When you get in touch to join a youth training, we ask for your birth year so we can direct you to the right team. It’s also possible to check our trainings schedule and just come by to a training without prior announcement. Just ask any handball player around to bring you to a team captain or the trainer.
Did you enjoy the try-out trainings, and do you want to join Saturnus? To play matches and/or to attend training regularly it’s necessary to sign up with the club. Members have to pay a yearly contribution fee (youth members pay less). Not sure if you’ve got the time to play matches? It’s also possible to join the club for training only without playing any matches at a reduced fee.

The sign up form is in Dutch, but don’t worry, we’re happy to help you translate!

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